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A Metaphysical Free Church

Align your Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Laws and Spirit of Nature, and you will heal. In healing, you will become free. Many sovereign souls together can heal the world. This is our vision for humanity and the Earth.

Will you join us?

Speak to the earth, and it will teach you.  – Job 12:8

Who We Are/Our Mission

Spoken Earth Ministries is a 508 (c) (1) (a) nonprofit, faith-based organization founded by Rich Beasley and Ona Christie Martin in 2022. 

Our mission is to help people align mind, body, and spirit to the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, so they can create freedom and happiness in their lives and businesses. 


Rich Beasley and Ona Christie Martin

What We Do

We provide services and initiatives that support:



Mind, body, emotions, and spirit: all are interconnected. To heal at one level is to heal at all. 

Every living being has throughout its life a deep capacity for self-healing.  A true healing practice will support and assist the individual to activate and sustain this power within him or her self. 


Sovereignty & Natural Law

In the natural world, each being is at liberty to follow its own innate inner guidance, subject to the laws of nature. Harmony results.

A free society is only possible when a critical mass of individuals know their rights under natural law, hold themselves to a moral standard that recognizes the inherent value and rights of every person, and are willing to take full responsibility for their actions. 


photo of planting tree seedling

Harmony With Nature

We are as much a part of Nature as any other being on the planet.  In fact, we are a vital part of the consciousness of our planet. 

When we learn to truly listen to Nature and act according to her needs, we will discover that stewardship of the natural world is not just our responsibility, it can become our greatest joy.  


photo of planting tree seedling

Creative Genius

Humans are made “in the image of our Creator.” Of all creatures on our planet, we have the unique ability to create our own circumstances and determine our own fate. 

Each human being is born with a soul purpose and the creative gifts to fulfill it.  In business, in the arts, or simply through their lifestyle choices, those who are able to achieve inner healing in harmony with Nature naturally create in ways that benefit everyone. 


What is a 508(c)(1)(a) Ministry?

A 508(c)(1)(a) Faith Based Organization (FBO) is a type of private membership organization (PMO). This type of organization has been recognized by the IRS since Congress passed the Tax Reform Act of 1969.  Section 508(c)(1)(a) was codified in order to protect the 1st Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion. 

As a private membership ministry, we are required to ask that anyone participating in our events or private consultations become at least a temporary member. Don’t worry, though – we don’t charge for membership! To learn more about Spoken Earth Ministries’ membership policy and benefits, contact us here

Member Services

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Social Media Outreach

Follow us online to get to know us better!

Ona Christie’s YouTube channel, Art of Awakening,  serves a community of spiritually awakening souls. Watch for our new podcast in 2024! 


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Classes & Workshops

We are planning a series of local and online events for 2024, starting with our Lightworkers’ Cafe online meetups for spiritually awakened souls (free for members and free to join.) 

Check our events calendar for upcoming events.

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Spiritual Services

Ona is a certified in multiple energy healing modalities and is available for spiritual healing and mentoring sessions. Visit her at ArtOfAwakening.LIFE to learn more. Or, book a session with Ona here

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Spiritually Aligned Business Meetup

Can you successfully mix business and spirituality? You bet! In fact it can hugely empower both your business and humanity. We hope to offer meetup/networking opportunities for spiritually aware business owners in 2024 – contact us for more information!  

We Believe:

In One Universal Consciousness present in all things and of which all things are a part.

The universe as we know it is guided by certain universal principles (the laws of Nature and Nature’s God), including the laws of physics and the Hermetic principles.

Each human being is a direct creation of Universal Consciousness and is endowed by that Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

A healthy society supports and upholds these rights, both for present and future generations in perpetuity. 

Each individual is personally responsible for knowing and upholding their rights under natural law, as well as respecting the rights of others—those yet to be conceived as well as those living.

Humans are part of the body and consciousness of the Earth. As we treat the Earth, we treat ourselves; as we treat ourselves, we treat the Earth.

Our Values

Liberty • Harmony • Beauty • Joy • Love 

Health • Abundance • Stewardship • Personal Responsibility • Respect

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