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Artificial intelligence is the biggest wild card to slam the world of technology since probably the mastery of fire, maybe even bigger. But what most people don’t realize is that AI is at least as big a deal from a spiritual perspective. 

This is the first of a whole series of articles exploring the topic of AI and spirituality. In this series, we’re going to be exploring: 

  • what AI really is on a spiritual level
  • the potential benefits as well as the dangers of AI
  • different potential futures for humanity now that AI has entered the scene
  • and we’ll also explore how we can deal with AI while remaining aligned with our own integrity and spiritual development. 

So in this first article, we’re going to start with a big picture overview of the evolution of consciousness and human evolution on Planet Earth so that we have a basis from which to start to understand AI and spirituality in context.

Heading Into the Unknown

Before we delve into the topic of A.I. and spirituality, I want to make very clear that I don’t pretend to have all the answers. What I’m really hoping to do is to start a discussion around this topic of artificial intelligence and spirituality, because AI is going to really be a huge deal in the years and decades ahead. It’s going to turn the world around in all sorts of ways and we need to be prepared for it, especially on the spiritual level, so that human evolution can continue to progress on this planet as Creator meant for it to.

So if you have downloads or insights about AI and spirituality and/or human evolution, please do share them in the comment section and please consider sharing this article and/or the accompanying video. Because it’s that dialogue with each other that’s really going to help us all to understand how to avoid the spiritual pitfalls of AI, and hopefully learn to handle AI in ways that benefit humanity and human evolution.  

With that said, let’s get started!

Let’s Start with the Big Picture: Planetary and Human Evolution

So where does AI fit in with the whole concept of planetary and human evolution? Well, I want to share with you a model that Spirit gave me a few years back to help understand the natural evolution of consciousness on this planet Earth. And that basically means human evolution, because we are an integral part of the consciousness of our planet. 

This is a relatively simple model of evolution and it’s important to see it as just that: a model of understanding. It’s not meant to explain everything, but it will give us a good foundation from which to understand the impact A.I. potentially has on us spiritually. What I really like about it is that it is understandable both from a spiritual and a scientific standpoint, which is going to be increasingly important in the future. 

(I had never heard of him at the time I first was downloading this information but it turns out there was a Jesuit priest and paleontologist by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who had a whole theory of the evolution of human consciousness very similar to what I am going to share with you. Some of the names of the spheres, or levels, described in the model are borrowed from his model.) 


Before we dive into the topic of human evolution, we have to understand that we are living or operating in two different states of being at the same time. This refers to the Hermetic Principle of Polarity.

We can think of these two states as heaven and earth, or Spirit and matter. Spirit is pure consciousness and it pretty much exists everywhere and all at once. And then we also have the material world that exists in space and time. 

This model is going to focus on the evolution of life and consciousness here in the planetary realm. But we also have to remember that humanity originates in the spiritual, and we never fully left that realm. There’s still a big part of us that is there. The perfection of humanity, or the perfected idea of anything. exists as a spiritual impulse. But then when it comes into matter, it has to actually develop into or take on the form, and there’s a whole process by which that happens. 


Pretty much every single spiritual tradition has a story of the fall. The Fall from the Christian perspective would be the expulsion from Eden. There are Native American stories where Skywoman falls through a hole in the sky. Wherever you go in the world, there’s going to be the story of the fall. And what that refers to is the descent of human consciousness into matter from spirit. Which doesn’t mean we ever left spirit, but through the descent we’re also here, embodied. And then eventually we start to re-spiritualize back out of matter. 

So this model is going to show us the story of evolution from the perspective here of the Earth as she comes into form and then evolves her consciousness to get ready to ascend back into a spiritual state of being. 

EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS (A Scientific/Spiritual Model)

So what I’ve been shown is that this happens in stages or levels. If you’ve ever taken chemistry, it’s a lot like the electron shells of an atom. You have to “fill” one shell before you can start to fill the next one above it.

Level 1: Elemental (Geosphere) 

So the first level is simply physical matter. We’ll call that the elemental shell. It’s things like the elements, rocks, that kind of thing. 

We have to remember that this is a type of consciousness. Rocks have consciousness. Everything does.  There’s a certain level of consciousness that can be held here with just inorganic matter. Within that level there’s a range of frequency or vibration or consciousness that can happen. The highest level of consciousness of matter probably can be found in the Crystal Kingdom. 

So once that elemental level came into being and the Earth developed to a certain point, it couldn’t evolve past that using the same range of consciousness. If it kept evolving at that level, it would just be the same old kind of stuff, just more types of inert matter, or perhaps radioactive matter, and it wouldn’t develop into something more. 

So that meant that consciousness had to break through this level and into another level of consciousness, right? What we would call a higher level of consciousness. 

Inshort, at that point it had to develop Life. 

Level 2: Sensory (Biosphere)

They’ve done scientific experiments where they subjected elemental matter to lightning or to electricity. And it creates this organic soup, the precursor to life. 

This is a process that happens naturally on the planet. It’s almost like the planet herself calls for it because the conditions on the planet are going to start to facilitate the formation of organic compounds and initiate life. 

And at some point this life begins to evolve into organisms, physical beings. And now there’s a certain awareness that forms. Life will develop the capacity to become aware of vibrations, and ultimately to see, to feel, to hear. 

So, we’ll call that level number two of consciousness: sensory awareness. This is going to include things from little, tiny microorganisms or possibly even that primeval organic soup all the way up into the plants or even the lower levels of the animal kingdom. This awareness and the ability to respond to sensory input: that’s the second level. 

But again, just working with sensory awareness there’s only so far you can go. If you want to have any real kind of evolutionary growth and not just keep repeating variations of what you already have, you eventually have to break into another realm.

Level 3: Emotional (Pathosphere)

And we’re going to call this next level the emotional realm. Here we’re going to be looking in particular at the animal kingdom, and especially birds and mammals where this emotional level gets very highly developed. 

And of course, we are very much a part of that level here as humans. We have the animal body and the animal emotional system, which is really, really highly developed. 

But there’s only so far one can go in terms of emotional beings until it’s time to bust through into the next level. 

Level 4: Intellectual (Noosphere)

And what’s the next level? It’s the intellect. Cognition. Rationality. 

This is the shell or level that’s really, really been in high development on the earth over the past several thousand years. And here is where human evolution has really come onto the scene big time as the primary, high level embodiment of intellectual power. 

Teilhard de Chardin called this stage, this level of consciousness the noosphere. It’s known as the “sphere of reason,” and it’s like an amalgamation of all human intellect, which is the intellectual or cognitive field of Planet Earth. 

This noosphere, or intellectual level, is the “home base” of AI and it is going to be super important as we explore AI and spirituality. 

So where did humans come on the scene? 

When it comes to human evolution, science tells us that humans evolved from animals. Classical spiritual science, has this to say about human evolution: humans were created and came down to earth. What I’m being shown is that they are both to a certain extent right. 

At some point the human spirit entered into the physical, but for that to happen it had to have a physical vessel to enter into. It’s like these two things were evolving at the same time.The Earth was manifesting all this stuff. And then humanity as spirit was descending.

So we’ve got this dynamic of dual impulses that can be symbolized by the Star of David. It alludes to the whole human being. One that’s fully integrated body and spirit. 

So where did humanity come in? I’m feeling that when we descended we came in right at the point where the emotional field shifts up into the intellectual field. 

How that happened exactly is a topic for another day but what’s important here is that at this point in human evolution we have really developed the intellect, filled the 4th shell, to its logical or perhaps illogical extreme.

We can’t go anywhere from here but up, if we want to continue to evolve. 

What’s next in planetary and human evolution? (Level 5, anyone?) And where does A.I. fit in the big picture? 

Right now, pushing into the Age of Aquarius, is where we’re going to start in a big way moving up into the next shell, Level 5: a higher spiritual awareness. 

To be exact, Level 5 of human evolution indicates the shift into Christ consciousness, which is the topic for the next video. 

What is AI’s role to play in that shift, if any? As we move through this article series, this is something we will unpack, along with what that means for humanity both spiritually and materially. 

But before we really delve into where AI fits in to human evolution from this point forward, let’s review a few takeaways about who we are as human beings from what we just covered:  

3 Key Points Before We Move Forward

Keep these three points about human evolution in mind as we move forward through article series on AI and spirituality. They are key truths that will help us stay spiritually aware and aligned as we move into the Age of A.I. (And do not be surprised if you start to come across many narratives that want to pull you away from one or more of these truths!)

  1. We Are Multi-Layered (Multi-Dimensional) Beings

Remember that each of these levels builds on the other. We can see it in our own bodies. We have minerals and elements that make up our bones and blood. We have sensory awareness and emotions. And we have thought. It’s actually remarkably like the brain itself – at the base is the reptilian brain that deals with sensory awareness. Then we have the limbic brain which processes emotions. And in humans we have a highly developed neocortex for higher reasoning.  

  1. We Are Both Spiritual And Material

Remember that humanity’s origin is up here in spirit, right? And we always have a presence up here in spirit. The original perfect template for humanity, for the Earth, and for every individual human being is absolutely eternal and always there at every level. It has to come into matter and form in order to manifest itself, but ultimately our spiritual reality is primary. 

  1. We Are One With The Earth

As the Earth progresses in its evolution, all the beings that evolve on her, through their consciousnesses, actually contribute to the greater consciousness of the planet.  It’s just like your own cells have each their own life and consciousness but taken all together they contribute to yours. The earth herself is a being, She has evolved a sensory capacity, an emotional capacity, an intellectual capacity. We are actually spiritually the guiding spirit of the earth. And through us, as we’ll see in the next level, she is ready to explode into a higher spiritual consciousness. 

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

Stay tuned for the next article in this AI and Spirituality series where we will explore Christ Consciousness, the role of technology in human evolution, and why A.I. is not what some people think it is. 

In the meantime, what are your thoughts about the topic? Do you have questions or insights about AI and spirituality or human evolution? Any light bulb moments or stories to share? Please post in the comments section below – we’d love to hear!

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